Whats happening to GOOG (Google’s stock at NAZDAQ) ?

November 21st, 2008

I remember the days when me and Rajesh (My colleague at Natural Search), used to track the price of GOOG (Google share at NAZDAQ). It was in the end of Aug, there was a major algorithm update at google and the stock price went from around 280 USD to over 400 USD in a week’s time. It was at the end of Aug 2005 and in the beginning of Sept 2005.

We were just wondering how much we would have earned if we had bough google shares at that time 🙂


Thats history, but I was watching google prices by adding a stock portfolio gadget onto my iGoogle and today’s price really brought back those days when we were closely watching this stock. It was really shocking to see a price around 259 USD !! I couldn’t really digest the fact that the price has gone down even below that Aug 2005 figure !!
Whats going around? I know as a company, Google is still doing really well, but Google too relies on the money which is spent by advertisers through Google’s sponsored search results. There must be really a major drop in the advertising spend in recent times due to the economic slowdown.

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