How to format Nokia 5800’s external memory

March 4th, 2010

My Nokia 5800 developed this issue – restart automatically. One such occassion it crashed too and had all my previous messages removed completely from the external memory 🙁

I took it to the service centre, it was another month away from the expiry of the 1 year warranty period, the service centre people shocked me by saying that the warranty is already expired. Luckily I had my original bills (with the purchase date partially clear) which helped me get the service done on warranty. As usual they just reinstalled the phone software and gave, but mentioned that I need to scan my external memory for visruses, which might be the cause of frequent restarts.

I scanned my memory card from PC, nothing was found. Then I decided to format my external memory to boost up my phone.
Now the question – How can I format my Nokia 5800 phone’s external memory? I began crawling Google’s SERPs for the answer to my question – as usual it wasn’t so easy to find what I want – and hence this post, just to add more workload for Google crawler and Google’s search algo to rate my page high for searches related to this..

Here is the way to format Nokia 5800’s external memory

If you Google, you migt find solutions like soft reset which is by typing in *#7370# or holding RED+GREEN+CAMERA while starting. Remember, these WILL NOT FORMAT your external memory. I too tried all these before getting into the actual solution.

Now, here is the way to format your Nokia 5800 tube’s external memory.

Navigate to Applications > File Manager > External Memory Card > Memory Card Options > Format

Remember the above formatting method completely erases the contents on your external memory, it is needless to mention that you should have a backup of your important images and messages.

I happen to be one of the Nokia 5800 users, who face countless issues from this phone, but try to post my issues and possible solutions. Follow my instructions at your own risk. Feel free to post your experiences.

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