Set up your own photo blog and post snaps live from mobile!

September 25th, 2009

Almost everyone got a mobile phone with a decent cam, and often or not, use it to take snaps. do you really share with others? May not be..

How about an idea of setting up your photo blog and publish the snaps you capture from mobile onto a photo blog instantly?

If you liked the above idea, then read on..
You need

  1. A blog
  2. A mobile phone which can connect to internet / at least can send out an email with attachments.

I started my photo blog on blogger, and later pointed the blogger blog to my custom domain name.

Method 1: Post photos directly to Blogger.

Creating a blog on blogger is free, and if you can you can buy a domain name and create a blog on it. I got into the passion of Mobile Photo Blogging recently and my Photo Blog has some snaps (some are crap, I do agree :)).
Blogger and wordpress support emailing a post and publishing it online, that’s the feature ideal for mobile blogging as it’s quick, doesn’t eat up much of your time. If you are on blogger, under Settings > Email and Mobile, you can assign an email id to which you can send your posts and get it published.
This setup shouldn’t take up much of your time.

Now on your phone, after you capture a snap, just email it, adding a subject and body text to the same email address mentioned above, you are done! Your snap goes online within no time!!

If you are on blogger, your images will be saved in picasa, which has a limited storage of 1GB. I suggest Flickr instead of the above method.

Method 2: Post snps to Flickr and then post to blog, all with single email

Flickr gives 100MB of storage every month on free accounts.

Image quality is better on flickr than the ones stored by blogger/picasa and the one which gets embedded automatically when you send an email post.

So the method is slightly modified if you want to use Flickr as storage.
Flickr has option where you can email a new snap in, also they have an option to post to your blog from flickr. So here we will not be using the email id of blogger, instead we will be using email id to post to flickr and blog automatically.

Head towards Flickr, go to your account settings, under email tab, you can find the email id to send to Flickr. Additionally, you have to setup Flickr to access to your blog and post snaps automatically.
So you will be sending your snaps to Flickr email, which gets saved in Flickr and your blog is updated with a new photo post..


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