It’s time for a mobile phone upgrade

May 17th, 2014

How long one should use a mobile phone before looking for upgrade? Well this is very subjective. In my case i used a mobile phone for 5 years before i upgraded.

My previous phone was Nokia 5800. It was a decent phone. Like many people i started thinking about an upgrade 2 years from the time i switched to Nokia 5800. But ultimately i didn’t upgrade for next 3 more years. Would you like to know what are the reasons ?

Nokia 5800 was Nokia’s first ever touch screen phone and at the time of launch , it was even boasted as a tough competition for iphone. It had a decent enough camera , with a front camera for video calls , a decent enough touch screen which was very responsive. It also had 3g along with wifi connectivity. More than all even with that very rough use, it lasted for 5 years! Do you need another reason not to upgrade from this phone?

Then why did i upgrade? Well, with the technology changing everyday, any gadget gets outdated within no time after its purchase. My phone wasn’t an exception. The phone operating systems emerged. Android became the leading operating system for mobile world.

Nokia stopped upgrade for the operating system within nokia 5800 within 1 year after my purchase. With no support for new applications, i was forced to look for upgrade options.

So what was my new phone? There is no surprise over here. I was looking for Google phone ever since Google acquired Motorola.

Moto g was the answer for my upgrade quest. Motorola did disappoint me by introducing a dual sim phone for Indian market. I’m a person who look for simplicity and never wanted a dual Sim crap. I manage to get a single sim moto g from the United States and been using this for a month now. So far the experience has been very great! This looks to be a great replacement for my Nokia 5800 so far.

Incidentally, this is my first post from moto g using the voice recognition system! The whole post is written from my voice.

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