I find it always tough to write / give an introduction about myself, but let me try to start..

I am a Digital Marketing and Analytics professional (at least for now). I am a mechanical engineer by qualification, who embarked into the digital space in the year 2005. From then I have been into the roles of a Search Engine Optimization executive, Web Developer, Web Analytics Implementation consultant and a Web Analyst. I am someone who have had my hands dirty getting into the full life cycle of online marketing from web development, web promotion, lead generation and analytics. So that’s in short, you may check out my profile at LinkedIn to know more about my professional experience.

As a mechanical Engineer by qualification, I started my career working for Indian Space Research Organization and Department of Atomic Energy on their outsourced projects (yes, I was indeed a mechanical engineer who had spanners in my hand rather than mouse and keyboard 🙂 ). Web-mastering is a hobby of mine. I am a webmaster from my college days, I started by building a website for a local community and maintaining it. This passion is what drove me in taking up web and digital space as a profession moving away from my Mechanical Engineering career. I wasn’t a bad Mechanical Engineer as I successfully completed a robotic arm development and installation project before leaving the industry after 2 and half years.

I have hands on experience in web server administration, web hosting, domain names and various protocols related to the web. I was also a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) developer at one point of my career, which enhanced my technical knowledge about the web and programming.

I was a Google Analytics Qualified Individual in the year 2009 with a passing score of exactly 100%! – The maximum passing score anyone can attain all over the world!! I am looking forward to my ‘Omniture certified professional – Implementation’ qualification in the near future, so stay tuned. [Update] 28th May 2012 I appeared for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for SiteCatalyst Implementation and cleared the test which a high score (couldn’t beat the 100% score in GA of course, but score above 95%). Here is my logo!

Ramkumar K R, Adobe Certified Expert - Implementation for Digital Marketing

A rather sedentary lifestyle and deteriorating health due to it made me get back to cycling after many years. Do check my cycling blog for my ride reports and on how I am progressing with my training.

So, these days I am not very actively involved in my personal web-mastering projects and rather spend my time out riding and giving some good rest for myself. Many of my domain names and websites are sleeping for sometime till I wake up to do something extraordinary, so stay tuned 🙂

My next project is not going to be a web development project, but it’s going to be a roadbike / fixie building project, and I need to wake up the mechanical engineer in me till I get the bike built, so wish me good luck 🙂

Do check out my contact page, on various ways to get in touch with me..