Touch screen scratch guard for nokia 5800

April 24th, 2009

I own a Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic ! Well there are things to be proud about owning this as well as some negatives. I faced the earpiece problem of Nokia 5800 which the initial lot of them had. Luckily it got fixed.

Then came scratches on my Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic’s touchscreen. I liked using the stylus provided by Nokia for my 5800 tube, but once scratches developed on my touchscreen, I went back to using just my fingers for everything on it. Stopped using handwriting recognition and adapted to using just the full qwerty keyboard using my fingers. Thanks to the different editing options provided.

I learnt that using a screen guard is must for these phones for using them for a considerable duration without damaging the screen. I researched on ebay to buy a good screen protector for my tube and finalized a clear screen protector for my Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic. Actually the seller sells two types of screen protectors – clear screen and mirror screen. Clear screen is the usual transparent thing, while mirror screen gives a flashy mirror like look when the phone is not in use (backlight is off). I chose the clearscreen one as it is cheap over the mirror one. It costed just 5$ (USD) for me for a set of 5 pieces. You can replace an old one with a new one as it get worn out, hence the extra pieces were bought. So hence just 1$ a piece.

The screenguard which I purchased is still in transit, so anxiously waiting for it and for using the stylus again !

By the way, if you have bought Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, make sure to use a screenguard if you are planning to use the stylus. The stylus is soft, but when the phone is exposed to tiny dust particles, it gets stuck to the screen and when the stylus moves it pushes these particles and make tiny scratches on the screen. These scratches can be of any size depending on the pressure you apply on the screen. thats my experience. If your phone is new, try getting a screenguard before the screen get spoiled. These screenguards are easily removable, hence you can replace as they go bad.

Post your experience with Nokia 5800 Touchscreen here.

2 Responses to “Touch screen scratch guard for nokia 5800”

  1. David says:

    I had a similar problem! After my plectrum sliced into my screen, I would have to agree completely. I’ve just posted this on another page, so apologies if you read this twice.
    I am renowned for being careful, always buying cases, keeping gadgets clean, being gentle with them, so I am totally disgusted with Nokia. First it was the earpiece speaker. Now it appears the screen is also substandard. That they should cut corners ON THE SCREEN ITESELF, on their first touch-screen – how ironic and stupid is that? You’d think they would be going the extra mile to get their market back, especially as their business is not doing so well – they recently sacked a lot of people. Then again, perhaps that’s why they’ve obviously made screens from cheap and nasty material. As you can tell, I’m absolutely livid. I’m not rich and so I get a new phone every few years, either on clearance or this time by way of a very good network offer. I wish I hadn’t now. Damn Nokia and their cheapness.

  2. Ramkumar K R says:

    I can feel your frustration, as I too own one. This is my first Nokia phone after using Samsung R220, Philips Xenium 1099, and Sony Ericsson’s K750i (I still use it).
    Nokia 5800 is feature rich, but to me it feels also like a toy compared to other phones I have used. My SE K750i have fallen from my hand countless number of time, still works great, but here I have to take extra care not to even scratch my screen !

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