A journey on BMTC AC Volvo

November 12th, 2008

It was 25th of October (A day to remember for me for another reason), I got a chance to travel in an AC Volvo ran by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). In Bangalore I rarely travel in a bus majorly because I am addicted to bike riding and never get a chance to get into a bus, unless my bike is at service center. It was one such occasion. My Hero Honda Super Slendor was being serviced at Max Motors Rajaji Nagar when I got into this AC Volvo.

Since it was my first experience on a BMTC AC Volvo, I would like to explain what I found here.. First thing a big applause to BMTC, for running these services at an affordable rate (adding to the services they added recently to the Bangalore International Airport).

First good one is for business people and IT workaholics.. There are electricity plug points where you can charge your laptop / mobile phone. !! Check the following image.

Well equiped with an emergency exit at rear.

Another important thing is the ample amount of free space inside the bus. You will never need to anxiously wait for you to get out of the heavily crowded bus. See the foldable seats in the middle part of the bus.

Last thing, BMTC is making some money through the ads on these buses. From outside I used to wonder how people can see through the ads on the side glasses. But when I got in, I realized that its a one sided ad through which you can have a look outside as if an ad is not present. You can make out a shadow of ads on the glasses. Thats Orange Electronics ad on the glasses !!

2 Responses to “A journey on BMTC AC Volvo”

  1. U.Sidharth Bhat says:

    i wonder why the bus was mostly empty.. hmmmm….

  2. Ramkumar says:

    It was a weekend and the bus was nearing the destination in the afternoon.. So very much obvious.

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